Unable to customize Email Templates for Zoom Meeting as like Zoom Webinars

We have customized the Webinar Email Templates for Registration Confirmation and Event Reminder as per our need and we send that one as soon as user registers and reminder mail 1 day before event to all registered users.

Now, we want to do the same Zoom Meetings too but there we could not find this email customization option at all…

All documentation and forum discussions expects us to create a “ Vanity URL ” in Account Profile to get the email customizations but we never did anything like that to customize Webinar Email templates.

In that case, why that is required for Meeting Email Template customizations now?

Also, even after doing all those things, we could not find a reliable information stating that I should be able to customize “Registration Confirmation” and “Reminder Notification” emails for Meetings.

All we could find is that, I can customize Meeting Invite Emails which is not our use-case.

So, Will the vanity URL solve our use case?

Screenshots (If applicable)

PS: I’m not sure whether “API and Webhooks” is the rightplace for this question… As i could not find other meaningful option posted the question here… Please redirect me to rightplace if it doesn’t make sense here…

Hi @vm_chellappan,

Since this is related to Email Templates and Vanity URL, please reach out to our Technical Support team here. They’ll be able to best assist you.


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