Customized CSS to display in the specific container

The Zoom API code doesn’t have an inbuilt responsive / device compatibility and it meant for fullscreen resolution, so when we’re trying to make the code to be fit into our specific container on a webpage the whole canvas of the Zoom environment is clipping and does not show most of the Zoom’s meeting. In that scenario, we tried to override Zoom’s CSS code with our customized CSS to display in the specific container. But we found that it’s not possible because we aren’t able to target most of the elements.

no errors - zoom meeting doesn’t fit in to the frame.

Screenshots (If applicable)
will add screenshots.

Hey @tom.ganey,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. As you indicated, we the current version of the Web SDK is not responsive and you may encounter issues when resizing due to custom CSS.

Due to this, we unfortunately aren’t able to support customizations to the Web SDK at this time. I’m hoping another one our awesome community members can help out here and share what worked for them.


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