Customized UI - WPF(C#)

Hi Zoom Team,

We like to embed ZOOM UI in our WPF(C#) application. I did some research about how to embed local and remote views from ZOOM interface. It seems best way to accomplish this task is to use “Customized UI”.

Third party desktop apps access ZOOM SDK(C++) features trough ZOOM SDK (C#) wrapper.


ZOOM SDK(C++) expose “Customized UI”. If we look at in header folder and “zoom_customized_ui.h”, we will see below code snippet.

However, ZOOM SDK C# wrapper does NOT expose “CustomizedUIMgr” so any managed(C#) application cannot use directly this feature.
From zoom C# wrapper github repo website, it clearly stated that ZOOM does not maintain C# wrapper.

I like to verify that only option to get “Customized UI” into our managed (C#) is to modify ZOOM SDK C# wrapper ourselves?

By any chance, does ZOOM has any plan to update ZOOM SDK C# wrapper?



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Hi okan,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. The interface that you are looking at currently does not included in our current release. We do not actively maintain the C# wrapper since it is a community project and we only have very limited resource on this. However, I got a good news for you, we will provide an update for the C# wrapper in the next release that will include the interfaces you are looking at. Please follow our Github repo for updates.



I am interested in entering the zoom window inside a WPF window.
I don’t see that the new versions support this yet.
Could you give me some information about it?



Hi Javier,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. If you are looking for the way to use Custom UI with our C# wrapper, you may find the corresponding interfaces in

Hope this helps. Thanks!