CustomUI - Cannot unmute and toolbars disappeared

Which version?
SDK - v4.6.21666.0428
Xcode - 11.5
Swift - 5

Hello, so I managed to use the MobileRTCActiveVideoView for the video chat, however the toolbars disappeared and the audio mute is on. I tried related methods including unmuteAllUserAudio with the meeting service, but with no luck. My code is below the 2 questions.

Question 1: What method do I need to use to unmute the audio when the video view opens?
Question 2: What method shows the hidden toolbars of the video screen?

let sdk: MobileRTC = MobileRTC.shared()

func onInitMeetingView() {
    print("Initializing the meeting view")
    var ms = sdk.getMeetingService()
    print("====IS MY AUDIO MUTED?====")

func onDestroyMeetingView() {
    print("Destroying the meeting view")

Hi @rajal.patel,

Thanks for the post and thanks for the code snippet. Regarding your questions:

Could you elaborate on this? The changes on video view should not affect the audio. Are you joining the audio with VoIP, call me or dial-in? If you are not selecting the audio source, then the audio will stay muted.

Are you using Zoom default UI or Custom UI? If you are using Custom UI, the hide/show of all UI elements are control by you.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Question 1: Figured it out, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Question 2: I’m using Custom UI. Is there a way I can hide/show the default toolbar? I don’t want to make the task harder by adjusting each button.

Hi @rajal.patel,

Glad to hear that Question 1 has been resolved. For Question 2, which toolbar are you referring? If you are using Custom UI, you have the full control of the meeting UI so you can simply hide or remove the UI elements if you do not need them. For example, in our demo app, the bottom toolbar is implemented in, and you could modify the buttons in here to hide or adjust the bottom toolbar.

Hope this helps. Thanks!