Zoom UI - In Meeting view - How to show/hide my custom view along with top and bottom bar when user touches camera

Currently in Zoom SDK in my iOS app, when I start a meeting, the Video shows up with Top and Bottom bar. After a few seconds both top and bottom bar are auto hidden to make video full screen. Now again when I tap on the screen, the Top and Bottom bar appear for few seconds.

I have an additional custom toolbar placed on the Zoom meeting UI, I want to show/hide the custom toolbar when the top and the bottom bar show/hide automatically after few seconds. Can I get an observer or some sort of mechanism where I can detect when top and bottom bar hide or show up. So accordingly I can show/hide my custom toolbar

In short my requirement is to auto show/hide my custom toolbar along with topbar and bottom bar, the way top and bottom bar auto hide/show to make video fullscreen.

Please let me know a solution to this.

We are going to support to customize the meeting UI by SDK customers, I think that it will solve the issue what you mentioned above, the release date will be March 2018.



Thanks Robust for your response. Ok I understand that it is not possible currently. One more query is about the Custom Functions on developer portal of Zoom SDK for iOS which says I can change position on Video thumbnails. How can I change the position of Video thumbnails. Please guide me through this. 

iOS SDK cannot support to customize the position of thumbnail videos, we just provide options to hide thumbnail videos while viewing sharing.

And in iPad,  thumbnail videos will be located at the right side of share content while viewing sharing. 

BTW, please download the following mobileRTC and have a try:




Hi Robust, Thanks for your quick response. Please check the custom functions mentioned in iOS docs. I have attached a screenshot for your ready reference. They don’t specify any specific device type in documentation. Please clarify.

Please see the rest of content in Zoom Developer, the snapshots of iPad meeting layout is what we supported. now we just support the two layouts while viewing sharing in meeting.

Seems that the documents does not describe this feature correctly.

Hi Robust,when I start my meeting the upperand bottom bars are not hiding till the meeting is over.Please guide me.How do I hide these bars.These bars create a lot of trouble for me like when somebody share screen I am unable to see full screen.Please guide me.

Hi @hirenjain1000,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. You may leverage the following to hide the top bar and the bottom bar:


Hi Robust, I am still not able to hide my bars.So please explain this in detail.

Hi @hirenjain1000,

Please refer to the implementation in the demo app: https://github.com/zoom/zoom-sdk-ios/blob/8400fa55eeefc38ca3af42e16caf6547ec487cec/MobileRTCSample/MobileRTCSample/SDKPresenters/other_features/how_to_settings/SDKMeetingSettingPresenter.m#L110. Please call this before start/join a meeting.