Dashoboard API - get Participants list | Working partially

I am trying to use Dashboard API to get past webinar participants list:

it throws an error for some of webinars UUIDs or meeting ids.
Error response:
{“code”:3001,“message”:“This meeting’s details info is not available or ID is not valid.”}

Which Endpoint/s?
Curl command | powershell Invoke-restmethod

Hey @joseph.pradeep, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

The issue is some of the uuids have / in them which messes up the path in the request.

Can you try double url encoding the uuids when calling:


More details here:

Let me know if this helps! :slight_smile:


Hi @tommy,

Thanks for quick response. I tried double URL Enocded UUID but still got the same error.

Hey @joseph.pradeep,

Can you try the meeting id?

Also can you send me the meeting id and meeting uuid so I can look at the logs!


Hi Tommy,

Meeting Id: 748106087
UUID: XFivAJ5wTVqHu/dSnum+6A==

I tried both meeting ID & UUID and got same error
“code”: 3001,
“message”: “This meeting’s details info is not available or ID is not valid.”

Hey @joseph.pradeep,

Can you try this as the uuid:


It is the double encoded uuid you shared.


Same error

Hey @joseph.pradeep,

Thanks for trying that.

Just to double check, is this a Webinar or Meeting?

Also can you provide the App Name, and what type of app it is so I can look at the logs? User or Account level OAuth, or JWT?


It is a Webinar.
AppName: ZoomAPI
App Type: JWTUntitled3

Hey @joseph.pradeep,

Thanks for the info, I noticed in the screenshot you are missing the /participants path.

Do you mind scheduling a Zoom call so I can further assist?