Decoded an access token want to understand which fields means what?

Can you please give the full form of each key in the below JSON?
I got this JSON from my decoded access token.
I have edited the values for security reasons

“ver”: 7,
“auid”: “625e8b213ab93243778ee1b”,
“code”: “7Cauth33T9GTcOo4CHxWHA”,
“iss”: “zm:cid:AH232JG31Q7C8jdGoA”,
“gno”: 0,
“type”: 0,
“tid”: 0,
“aud”: “”,
“uid”: “Oky192323Oo4CHxWHA”,
“nbf”: 1650627262,
“exp”: 1650630862,
“iat”: 1650627262,
“aid”: “GGrE2cGLI2345tn4Yghqz1w”,
“jti”: “29d3234a1e96c0ea”

Question 2 :

Suppose I am the zoom admin of an account and I have added another user to it.
Will the account ID be the same for both of us while the userID differs?

Question 3:

I am building an account-level app and want to make sure that only a user of my zoom account is able to make requests(ex- Create meetings) via the zoom API.
how can I ensure that the user who is making the request belongs to my zoom account ?

Thanks in advance!

Hi, @ajaiswal2,

Thank you for posting. For your concern, please see this post: