Deep Link to recording to start at a point in time

Is there a way to create a URL to link to a Zoom recording which would advance the playhead shuttle to a point in time in the recording?

For example, if you want to start a YouTube video at a certain point in time, you can create a link like this with a parameter for “start at time” to begin the video at 42 seconds in:

Would like to create URLs we could use to link to recorded meetings that would advance the playhead to the right spot, much like clicking on the transcript in a Zoom recording’s Shared screen with speaker view lets you do to jump around in the recording. We could then embed these deep links into email or Slack messages to jump people to the right point in a recording.

Is this possible today?

Hi @pthaden,

Thanks for reaching out about this—While I don’t believe this exact use case is possible, I recommend reaching out to our Technical Support team directly to confirm, as they’re they experts in this domain.


@pthaden did you reach out to support? I’m trying to accomplish the same thing.

Yes, but they replied with a generic overview of recordings functionality (Cloud recording playback – Zoom Help Center)

I replied that I was looking for something deeper (pun intended), but I’m still waiting to hear back from them.


Please do update if you happen to hear anything useful back, but my hopes aren’t too high.

They got back with me to let me know it’s not a feature currently available in recording playbacks, so they’re going to submit a feature request for the enhancement.

Here’s hoping it triages to the top! :slight_smile:

Well, that was quick: literally right after I last posted here they updated my ticket with a link to a new feature called Recording highlights – Zoom Help Center

I have yet to test if it will work for our use case, but the agent called out the prerequisites section that discusses a minimum plan of “Business, Education, or Enterprise account,” so this functionality might not be available to all. It also needs to be turned on in settings (mine was set to off by default).

It looks interesting but I still need to test to see if it’s more functionality than we need…it seems to be useful for summarizing meetings but maybe we can also use it to direct someone to a highlighted section of our meeting.

I’m glad that our support team was able to help out here! Thank you for sharing what you found with the community.


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