Delayed Caption in Zoom when using Closed Captioning API

No any update and response from this thread and another thread I posted in Feature Request… I also checked Release Note of API but still no CC related…:pensive:

Customers of our product were experiencing intermittent issues so we took to Twitter and got more of a status update.

One response we got said that they the server handling closed captioning had too many concurrent connections and that the code needed to be optimized for closed captioning.

A previous message indicated that more capacity had been provisioned over the weekend, but we still had issues early this week.

With the right architecture it seems like simply load balancing across more servers would address the issue, but it sounds like there may be some limitations that require a change in the underlying architecture to scale better.

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Hey @skinner.cheng @chrislim,

We appreciate your raising the impact this has on your customers and experience. Our team is still working on addressing this. (ZOOM-197842)


Hi @will.zoom

I noticed Zoom app 3.5 and 3.5.1 have the improvement on CC:

  1. Instead of updating the transcript in place (clean up the previous then show the new one), it is now Scrolling.
  2. The CC window can be dragged.

Unfortunately, the 1st improvement actually kind of breaks the way how we publish the transcripts. Simply speaking, the scrolling effect can’t work with real-time transcribing, the captions in Zoom now becoming duplicate:

For example:

[1] Hello my name
[2] Hello my name is Bob, I’d like
[3] Hello my name is Bob, I’d like to say I’m a
[4] Hello my name is Bob, I’d like to say I’m a farmer
[5] Hello my name is Bob, I’d like to say I’m a farmer who likes to
[6] Hello my name is Bob, I’d like to say I’m a farmer who likes to farm

In Zoom it will show 1+2+3, then 2+3+4, then 3+4+5…like this one below:

Hello my name is Bob, I’d like
Hello my name is Bob, I’d like to say I’m a
Hello my name is Bob, I’d like to say I’m a farmer

I checked to see if any parameter we can disable the scrolling effect but keep using the original update way but no such parameter.

Is there such parameter existing and it’s just not listed? Thanks.

Hey @skinner.cheng,

Thanks for sharing this—since this functionality is related to the Zoom Client and is actually managed by our Support Team, I would suggest reaching out to them here to get clarification/assistance with this. They should be able to look into this further for you!


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going back to the original issue - transcription delay.
this is a big holder for us, how do you suggest to push that up in your team priority?

Hey @yaniv,

Our team is still working on addressing this—please stay tuned to this thread for updates.


Thanks @will.zoom for keeping us updated.

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Hello, I noticed more issues today except that this time the captions never even appeared (it wasn’t merely delayed). Was there a recent change causing this issue? I verified we were getting no error messages from the caption api.

Hey @chrislim,

Thanks for sharing this, I will pass this on to our team to investigate. (ZOOM-194977)


Hey @skinner.cheng,

We are happy to help! :slight_smile:


Hey @chrislim, @skinner.cheng,

We will be releasing a fix for this very soon. I will keep you updated. :slight_smile:


I push some data first then open the caption windows.
It show the caption from the previous push but not after.
I didn’t receive any error response from console.
If I open the caption windows from beginning, it just show the 1st one.

And when I try save the caption, the txt file contains all the data which I push to zoom.
It just won’t show the caption on the caption window.

Hey @natuan,

Are you using our Closed Caption API? If so, this is likely related to the delay referenced in this thread, and our team is close to releasing a fix.


Thanks for your reply.
I’m using your caption api to post caption to meeting.
Seem like the server received all the caption but won’t show in the app.
Hope you can fix this ASAP.

Hi @natuan, we’ll post updates here as we have them.