About Integrating a third-party closed captioning service

I’m trying to send the caption using closed caption api.
Using postman, I sent test caption, but it was too slow to display it on the screen.
(document: Example: https://wmcapi.zoom.us/closedcaption?id=200610693&ns=GZHkEA==&expire=86400&spparams=id%2Cns%2Cexpire&signature=nYtXJqRKCW)

・I`d like to know how I can [send and receive] in real time or a little faster like Zoom original caption function.
Is there any delay originally?

・Before sending caption, is it possible to set [show subtitle] ?
Because I can`t find that function before sending it.

・Is it possible to set [show subtitle] automatically when I start zoom meeting?
I have to set [show subtitle] by hand everytime.

Thank you for reading

Hey @soohyeon,

Can I ask where you are located and how long it took to send?


I’m sorry, there is my mistake.
I forgot changing sequence number. terrible mistake…

sending is no problem now.

Thank you for your reply and sorry.

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Happy to hear you figured it out! :slight_smile: