Delete Common Area Phone - Not working - Is this a bug?

Testing Delete Common Area Phone collection in Postman. Am I doing this correctly?

“timestamp”: 1592562851834,
“status”: 404,
“error”: “Not Found”,
“message”: “No message available”,
“path”: “/v2/phone/common_area_phone/EKM7OtWHTbaeDASX9OIHBA”

Which App Type ? JWT

Which Endpoint/s?
Common Area Phones

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. List Common Area Phones and get specific phone ID
  2. Use id as input value for commonAreaPhoneID in Delete a Common Area Phone module

Screenshots (If applicable)
See attached.

@tommy I have already helped @psozoomphmla01 with this question. It is not a bug. :slight_smile:


Thank you very much @shrijana.g! Much appreciated. :upside_down_face:

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Thanks @shrijana.g! :slight_smile:


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