Delete Meeting API error


Have created a meeting using Create A Meeting method and meeting was sucessfully created and have received the id. The same id we have used in Delete a meeting method but we recive the following error.

{“error”:{“code”:3001,“message”:“Meeting 836749663 is not found or has expired.”}}

Please guide us in implementing this.


@Neelima, the start_time of the meeting 836749663 is 2017-09-11 20:57:09, so it is expired. 


Even when we booked a session with date as Jan 18th 2018, it showed the same error message


Please provide your meeting number?


Have created a meeting with meeting id 758220411. Jan 18, 2018 5:30 PM India



@Neelima, I checked your call log, you can retrieve the meeting info via meeting id 758220411.


Just now i have tried deleting this meeting i got the below message

{“error”:{“code”:3001,“message”:“Meeting 758220411 is not found or has expired.”}}


@harris Please respond