Deleted a paying user id, but not working

I have a zoom business account, and I could use zoom API to request a new zoom id (zoomService.createZoomUser( as a paying user account. It works. But when I deleted the id (zoomService.deleteUser(zoomId)), the code went through but the account was not completely deleted. When I requested again, it gave me the error shown below. Basically, the account I deleted still held a position in my paying accounts. I thought it needed time to process, but I’ve waited for 2 days still nothing changes. I wonder why is this happening? Thanks!

your request to add a new licensed user could not be approved at this time because your account has reached the permitted maximum number of 15 paying users. please purchase additional licenses or contact the zoom support team to provision additional users in your account.

Hi @yuhaoh ,

Thanks for reaching out about this—happy to help.

To confirm, did you delete the user using this endpoint?

If so, can you share the full API request and response body? If you’re able to share the User ID as well, this will help to take a closer look.

Based on the error message you’re getting for creating a new user, it sounds like the license you attempted to free up by deleting a user may not have been successful.


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