Deleting a User Doesn't Actually "Delete" It?

I used a Zoom API to create a user, then used the ID to “Delete” it.

When I attempted to create a new user (same email different name) with the same email id, it sent an activation email, but when I attempt to use the activation email, it does not prompt to create a password, it simply asks me to log in.

When I log it using the old password, it has the name of the “old” user. This was not the behavior I was expecting. I was expecting to remove everything about the old user.
This will mean that I cannot re-use email accounts to test. If a user creates an account with an email, can it be “really” deleted? (Including the password and login info?)

I found the answer myself, you need to add an ?action=delete argument to actually delete the user. Otherwise, the account is “disassociated” with the current license and becomes an “free account” for the user. Follow-up question. I tried taking a disassociated account and changing the email id, but it appears that the account still exists under the old email address? Once an account is disassociated, is there any way to delete it? Even using the Zoom client and either the old or the new email?

Hey @kcdemo.gdaustin.sfcc,

Happy to hear you figured out the issue.

Can you please start a new topic for your follow up question?