Deleting a user from an account

I want to delete a user from my account, use the method API specified in the manual
but the request returns an error HTTP Status Code: 404 Not Found,Error Code: 1001
“code”: 1001,
“message”: “User does not exist: T0BIFW3rQ_y8PcwSxtaiPg.”
Authenticating JWT
I can create a user, create / delete a meeting for a user, but I cannot delete a user from the account using the API .What are the limitations of using the delete API?

Hi @vvshestakov,

Are you passing the user ID in the request URL? Can you also confirm that the credentials you’re authorizing your request with belong to the same account as the user you’re attempting to delete?


Hi, Will
Thank you for the answer. The problem is not urgent. The error was in the transfer_email value.

Thanks for confirming @vvshestakov — glad it’s resolved.