Deleting in-meeting chat entries

So, this is an “is it possible?” question. We have an application where the meeting and breakouts are used by students. And, kids being kids, they will occasionally post a chat that is inappropriate. We’d like the host to be able to delete the entry for that student.

We can turn off the chat feature and/or it appears that an entire chat stream can be deleted, but what we want is a realtime ability to remove offending posts immediately.

So, is this possible to do (enable)? If not, I can submit a feature request to add it in the future.



Hi, @pete_h,

Thank you for posting your question. Can you clarify if you are referring to delete in meeting messages? If so, there is no API to delete in-meeting messages. However, as mentioned, you can turn off the chat feature entirely. Please feel free to submit a feature request. We welcome all your ideas, recommendations, or comments about the Zoom Developer Platform, as improving our service is what we care most about.

Let me know if you have any questions about this.


Thanks Donte.

Since Zoom is used in our school program AND we do like the kids to be able to post questions in the chat, the issue is security. Kids being kids they will post annoying or occasionally inappropriate information in the chat. So, in a meeting or breakout, if someone posts something offensive, the host should be able to select and delete the chat entry (and maybe disable the chat for that person).

Anyway, it sounds like there isn’t a way to do that currently. I’ll create a feature request.

Hello @donte.zoom ,

I am facing the same problem too, I am using MobileRTC. I found that there are two methods called “isChatMessageCanBeDeleted” and “deleteChatMessage” but both of them always return “false”. I think it might be because I don’t have the right to delete messages in the meeting\webinar. According to the link(delete in-meeting chat - Zoom Community), we can submit a ticket and request ‘Allow to configure deleting messages in meeting chat’. If this is true, is it mean that deleting a message is possible?

Alex LO

@lemon97213 @pete_h You have the only option to auto-delete chat messages using a native SDK bot.

Turns out that routing the request to enable deleting in meeting chats for our account to the support works. The support folks enabled the feature in our account and then the option to be able to delete the in-meeting chat appeared. Thanks

For reference this article led us to the solution: delete in-meeting chat - Zoom Community