Demo App | Open meeting within custom window

How can we open a meeting (after successful join) in a custom window that may have extra HTML. As of now, it’s opening only a completely new window can we control that in any way?

Hi @jaiswal.anshuman,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Currently the Electron SDK only supports opening a new window for the meeting.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Hi @Carson_Chen , Just to be sure (i’m starting playing with the electron SDK), at the moment there is no possibility to create our own electron window in order to display a custom meeting interface ? I tried the demo app that seems to open a zoom window.

If it’s yes where i can find the documentation about it (seems the demo app and the SDK docu does not speak about it) ?

If it’s no, is it on your roadmap for electron and can we currently achieve it with the macos/window SDK ?

Best regards,

Adam Soto