Electron : Open video with control in custom window

I am able to run demo project in https://github.com/zoom/zoom-macsdk-electron . When I click on start or join video, it opens separate window for video. Is there a way we can embed the video window with controls in our custom window. If you have any examples of the same, could you please share the details.

I am sorry, we don’t support this yet.

hi vijaya,

    we haven’t provide the JS interface to electron sdk, we have oc interface in ZoomMeetingUIController.h  

  • (ZoomSDKError)showMeetingComponent:(MeetingComponent)component window:(NSWindow**)window show:(BOOL)show InPanel:(BOOL)inPanel frame:(NSRect)componentFrame;

U can get main video by this:

NSWindow* yourwindow = [[NSWindow alloc] init];

  • (ZoomSDKError)showMeetingComponent:(MeetingComponent)component window:&yourwindow show:(BOOL)show InPanel:(BOOL)inPanel frame:(NSRect)componentFrame;

if this function return success, yourwindow has been assigned the main window pointer, then u can attach it in your custom app.