Detect muted speaker

Detection of a person who speaks with a muted microphon.

Additional context
I want to include in my app the function to detect a muted speaker and then automatically unmute him. Unmuting should not be a problem via the SDK, but I haven’t found anything about the status of a speakers’ microphone (if it does receive noise- e.g. somebody is trying to speak). Is there something I haven’t seen yet?

I know that Zoom has the built in function, that shows you as a muted speaker that you are muted and suggests that you should unmute yourself but thats not enough for me as I want to trigger automatically an unmute sequence when such a person is detected.

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

We don’t have a feature to determine if the user is speaking with their mic muted. If you want this feature considered for a future release you can submit to our Ideas Portal.

However, the Zoom client will notify a user if they are speaking on the selected mic and are muted.

If you wanted to unmute a user you can use the setAudioState function:

I hope that helps!

Thank you for clarifying my question. :+1:

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