Mute zoom meeting participant just for me -> "Mute for me"

As a zoom Meeting participant I want to be able to mute another participant just for myself. When I have a zoom meeting with colleagues in the same room, I don’t want to hear them all the time twice.
To mute the microfon to all meeting participants does not have the same effect. Other people shall hear him or her talk!!

Another reason for this feature: In larger meetings (bigger > 30) people leave their places unmuted and backround sound is automatically amplified. When in this situation the host is afk, the meeting fails. No one hears another person anymore. No host is able to mute the person that left with background sound. And other participants have no possibility to ignore the disturbing sounds.

Please provide the feature “Mute for me”. thx

Which version?
Newly to develop version.

The mute sign could be shown green in the upper right of the participant and blink in an interval of 1 second. So the user is aware that he or she has muted another person.

Additional context
Represanting ~300 people wishing to have this.


Hi Marc, this would be best placed in #feature-requests singe it would have to be applied to all SDKs :slight_smile:


You are representing me too Marc.


I also vote for this!


Please, we desperately need this.


Me too, please, we need this function

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i need this too, or get mixer multitrack on zoom xD

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YES we really need this feature my teacher is talking all the time while I am trying to do my work its so dang annoying!!

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Drastically need this!!! One persons microphone in our group must be malfunctioning because only when he talks its like HE’S SCREAMING!! Everyone literally flinches. Ridiculous. Please make a mute for me option!!!

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Oh yes. Please allow personal mutes. Each person should be able to to mute any other participant just for themselves.
Key if multiple people are in the same physical meeting room. They don’t need to hear each other, but everyone else still needs to hear them.


Please can we implement this. It puts zoombombers in the trash and makes life easier for so many people. I don’t understand why this feature isn’t there by default: why should users be forced to listen to EVERYTHING in the call? It’s not very good UX.

I as a user should have a right to decide whether or not I want to hear a certain participant or not. Similar features exist in many other voice call applications, e.g. games where you can mute people that are spamming.

Is there any workaround that I can use until this implemented? Anyway hacky way I can mute a participant?

Cus it’s very annoying having trolls in a call and only the host can get rid of them, and we all just have to suffer until the host deals with it, rather than we just being able to say “nah I don’t wanna hear dat”.

Hi everyone.

Yes, we strictly need the feature to be able to keep one person muted (by host, so-host) without option to unmute her/himself.

Thank you,

If any users would be able to mute others, it would allow to trolls do the same…

I think you misunderstand: it is a personal mute. Only YOU will not be able to hear the person you mute; everyone else will still hear them.
It’s like you muting your own PC audio. It affects only you.

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Got it! Mute for myself only. Agree!