Determining Layout Options


We are using the zStatus Call Layout message to drive the layout options presented to the user. It appears that the properties in this message correctly drive the availability of these options:
Speaker (can_Switch_Speaker_View)
Gallery (can_Switch_Wall_View)
Content only (can_Switch_Share_On_All_Screens)

It appears that the Strip (labeled Thumbnail in the controller UI) option does not have a flag driving its availability. Furthermore, it appears to be only available in configurations with one display (it does not appear with two or more displays.)

Is there a property that we should be looking at in zStatus Call Layout to determine Strip availability? It wasn’t obvious to me from the documented API. If not, what is the recommended way?

Best regards,
Tom Drewes


Hello Tom, please see this page to see when each layout should be available:

but it seems like thumbnail mode is available to Zoom Rooms with 1 screen.


Thank you for the link - it seems to reinforce what I’ve gathered through empirical testing as well.

How can I know from the API whether there is more than one display attached to the Zoom Room? It wasn’t clear from my search through the current API that this was something provided.

(Of course, adding a property like can_Switch_Strip_View to the Layout message would be ideal since it would give Zoom maximum flexibility for modifying the rules driving available layout options rather than having the API consumer infer the rules.)


Yes, I am investigating this issue now. I need to gather some information from other team members so unfortunately it might take a few days to get back to you.


Hello Tom,

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to do what you are asking :frowning:


Hello Tom,

I have went ahead and added a change to allow you to parse number of screens of the Zoom Room. It will be new command “zStatus NumberOfScreens”. Not an ideal solution of course, but it is useable for now. This will be included in the next release that is currently looking like it will be scheduled in the next day or so.


Wow - that’s great! I’ll take “not ideal” over “nothing”. :slight_smile:

Many thanks!