Developers Free Limitation : Create User

When I try to add a User to my API app, it reply this:
“code”: 200,
“message”: “No privilege.”
I know that my dev account is free, so it don’t have permission.

I build a Window App using c# SDK for Quiet Schedule for Specific Teacher, also it is for free. The reason behind this bcoz 80% primary and secondary school teachers of my country, never know internet until COVID appeared. So I just make something easy for them.
The SDK can’t create schedule meeting [zoom-c-sharp-wrapper-5.4.54802.0124], so I have to use API as JWT to create schedule meeting then start with SDK. This is work well for me. But, I when I give to tester, my API app don’t have her zoom account. So I try to create one with /Users
“action”: “create”,
“user_info”: {
“email”: “”,
“type”: 1
The result is up there.

Her email already register as normal zoom account, So she can Login into SDK, but failed at API.

There any option for me to test like in real environment?
Or How can I add some of my devs and my testers to my API-JWT app?

Hi @chhay.sereiseth,

Thank you for using the Developer Forum. This error is either because you don’t have a Pro or above Zoom account , or because you are not using a JWT App for the API and Secret creds. You will need to upgrade your account to use that API, please check the Create a User prerequisite section for more information:

Let me know if this helps.


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Thanks @donte.S
That should only ways.

Glad Donte could help! :slight_smile:

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