Devices API not returning list of devices

I’m making the following URL “” call in postman this returns following details

set scope : device:read:admin ,device:write:admin in Server-to-Server o-auth

“page_size”: 0,
“page_number”: 0,
“page_count”: 0,
“total_records”: 0,
“next_page_token”: “”,

Status Code : 200OK

Can you please helps us in getting Devices API endpoint and getting list of devices

Hey Sai, have you checked to make sure you have devices in your Device List ?

If you’re sure you have some there, for some reason the default device_status filter is set to -1 (which stands for unlinked devices). For seeing online devices set the param to 1, and for offline set it to 0. Example:


With the above call you should be able to see some online devices returned