Different start_time value between request and response in recurring meeting API

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Hi Zoom Team,
Sorry if I’m asking, I’ve been looking for several discussions, but couldn’t find any related topics to my issue.

I’m confused with the timezone behavior in recurring settings in meeting API. Currently, I set the timezone for my Zoom account with GMT-7. And I hit meeting API (Doc Link 1) with a start_time in GMT format. But, got the response with start_time in next date after. I don’t what timezone sent here, but saw that the timezone field is “America/Los_Angeles”.

I expect the response is in GMT-7, but the documentation in ‘Doc Link 2’ said that start_time is in GMT format.

Could you explain the behavior of this timezone?
Thank you

Here, I put the steps to reproduce to make it clear.

How To Reproduce
Current condition: Zoom account is using GMT-7
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
1. Hit Create Meeting API (Doc Link 1) with detail as below:

start_time: 2022-10-06T04:05:00Z # From doc, I assume it will be in GMT format
duration: 60
    type: 2 # Weekly
    repeat_interval: 1
    weekly_days: "5" # Should be every Thursday
    end_date_time: 2022-11-06T04:05:00Z

2. Hit Get Meeting API (Doc Link 2) and get response detail as below:

timezone: "America/Los_Angeles"
    type: 2
    repeat_interval: 1
    weekly_days: "5"
    end_date_time: 2022-11-06T04:05:00Z
  - occurrence_id: 16651xxx
    start_time: 2022-10-07T04:06:00Z
    duration: 60
    status: available
  - occurrence_id: 16657xxx
    start_time: 2022-10-14T04:06:00Z
    duration: 60
    status: available

3. Please note that the date is changed from Oct 6, 2022 to Oct 7, 2022
4. Please also note that Oct 7, 2022 is Friday, though we expect a Thursday in recurring setting


Can you please send these details to our support so that they can investigate it further?