Disable attendee list in web client

is there a way to disable the attendee list that appears to the right of the video in a meeting inside the web client? our application is responsive, and when the user enlarges the window above a certain size, the attendee list appears. It’s unnecessary, and it’s causing confusion with the users. Is there a way to turn it off?

Hey @Spongman, thanks for posting!

To clarify are you using the Web Client, or the Web SDK?


we’re using the Web SDK, based on https://github.com/zoom/sample-app-web

Thanks @Spongman,

Have you tried targeting it with CSS and adding display:none;?

We do not have an option with the web SDK to hide it via our API Reference.


i can hide it, but it does not resize the video frame, and forcing the video frame to 100%/100% causes the video image to change aspect ration.

I see. I will add this as a feature request.

We will have a No-UI Zoom SDK that can be customizable in the future, most likely early next year. You can follow our release log here.

Thanks, Tommy