Disable reload page on leave meeting

Hello, i can’t find solution to deny SDK scripts to reload page after client click “leave meeting” button,
there are “leaveUrl” required filed, but i don’t want to reload page, i just need to stay on the same page after leave/end meeting and destroy ZoomMtg to be able ZoomMtg .init() it again without page reloading.
I will be appreciated for any help…

Web Client JSSDK 1.5.0

Hi @osulzhenko,

As of right now the WebSDK is designed to reload the page after clicking leave meeting. We’ll talk with our Engineers to see if this type of feature can be look at in the future.


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Hi @Michael_Purnell, thanks for quick response.
Can you tell me where i can get zoomus-jssdk.js not minified? maybe i can find place where reload triggered and change code to fit my requirements …

This issue is critical for my app, and i really need to find solution …

Hey @osulzhenko,

You can use a tool like https://unminify.com/ to convert it to not minified.


It has no sense, there are all functions renamed, so it’s impossible to find out whats going on…
maybe you can ask developer for possible simple way to stop redirect on leave meeting ?

Hey @osulzhenko,

I do not recommend doing this, but to achive what you want, unminify the code here https://unminify.com/ then comment out these blocks of code:

    n(Q()), n(U()), n({
        type: p.uc,
        data: []
    }), r.a.remove("wc_info", {
        path: "/"
    }), "jsapi" === o().meeting.joinSource ? o().meeting.leaveRedirect && !o().meeting.expelInfoModalIsOpen && (r.a.remove("wc_info", {
        path: "/"
    }), window.location.href = o().meeting.leaveUrl) : window.location.href = "".concat(o().meeting.baseUrl, "/wc/leave"), Object(A.I)(p.oc, {
        status: "disconnect"
    }), n({
        type: p.Gb,
        data: !0
window.location.href = x
window.location.href = "".concat(b, "/wc/leave?meetingNumber=").concat(m)
window.location.href = c
window.location.href = "".concat(i, "/wc/leave?meetingNumber=").concat(s)

Then restart the server npm run start and when you leave a meeting the page will no longer refresh.

Code file reference here.

This may cause errors or issues when doing this, so again, I don’t recomend changing the source code. We will have a more customizable Web SDK coming next year, you can follow our release log in the meantime.