I don't want to use leaveurl on meeting end (Meeting End without refreshing page due to data loss)

i am connect with zoom api from browser, during meeting my client enters different data through our product, due to meeting end page refreshed and entered data during call is loss, meeting end can be called manually or internet disconnectivity. i don’t want to refresh the page on meeting end.


Hey @zsadiq,

Can you please explain further how the users are entering data. I do not understand how the data could be lost when the meeting ends.


Hey @phani.burra,

You could disable the leave button via CSS or JS, then use the leaveMeeting function to leave the meeting at the desired time.


Excellent. Simple, didn’t realize this. Thanks a lot.

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Happy to help! :slight_smile:



leaveUrl is required field to JoinMeeting API call. Now when the meeting ends the client is redirected to that URL. Is there any way to prevent the redirect at the end of the meeting. We use Zoom’s Web API to show small video screen of the meeting host. When the meeting ends we want to user to continue to interact with the page without reloading it.


Unfortunately at this time the leaveUrl is required. I suggest passing in a state query param for the leaveUrl so you can implement logic to show the content you want for the respective user after the redirect.