Discrepancy between Dashboard MeetingMinutes reported vs MeetingMinutes computed using REST API meeting participant data rertieved

We are retrieve meeting data using REST APIs (see specific ones below) and computing daily and weekly meeting and meetingminutes metrics. When comparing our computed numbers derived from this dataset against those reported in the the Zoom Dashboard (for Meetings and MeetingMinutes), it appears that fewer meetings are returned by the REST API for our larger clients and in some instances, the participant data may differ since on some days when the computed meetings count matches, the meeting minutes do not.
In terms of meeting minutes, we are computing that based on the participant start and end times, storing participants minutes as a float, then summing and rounding up the values per meeting to get meeting minutes.

We are retrieving meeting data using the following REST APIs:
https://api.zoom.us/v2/metrics/meetings (type=past)

note: we have ruled out that the discrepancy in meetings counts are not due to past one meetings since the number returned for those meetings is much higher than the discrepancy count.

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Hey @nonzpal, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

Can you elaborate on this? Are you using the pagination to get all the meetings and pagination to get all participants?

Can you elaborate on this?

Also some examples of the issue would be great. How big of a minutes difference are you experiencing?


Yes, we are using pagination. For example: on 8/26, Zoom Dashboard reports 1463 meetings but only 1448 meetings are returned using the https://api.zoom.us/v2/metrics/meetings type=past.
On 8/25 we correctly retrieve 50 meetings, but meetingminutes add up to 35203 vs 37308 in the Dashboard.

Thanks for the details @nonzpal.

This could be related to the issue of some meetings not showing up in your dashboard (sync issue) that we are already looking into.

Do you know the meetingID or meetingUUIDs that are not showing up? If so post them so I can take a look.

JIRA: ZOOM-88802