Mismatch in the Participants count received from Zoom REST API compared to Zoom Dashboard

My team is pulling data from the Dashboard API end point for Meetings and Participants. We have to pull historical meetings and associated participants data for an internal data science project. We are also downloading data for the same dates from the web Zoom Portal. But we’re seeing differences in the count of participants when we are trying to reconcile the data load.

For an instance, for meeting ID 92353384460 which occurred on 10/13/2023, we see 766 participants count listed in the csv file we downloaded from Zoom portal, but we see 649 participants count for the same meeting (92353384460) with UUID - aB7HaPrFThWiOnC8PA3TIA== when we pull data from the REST API using this end point - /metrics/meetings/{meetingId}/participants

Could we get any information on why this difference is there? Why is the participants count in the csv file different from the REST API count?

APP Type - Server to Server
Authentication - OAuth2

Hi @nitin.kanwar ,

Was this a stand alone meeting or were there multiple instances of this meeting? Are there multiple uuids associated with the meeting id?

Did any participants leave and rejoin?