Displaying dynamic data on the video stream

Hello everyone, I’m studying master deg in computer science and I want to create my final project using Zoom API.

Basically, I want to integrate wearables API and display heart rate in 20-24fps in the zoom video session.

Could you advise me if it’s even possible to create such a project using zoom API, I know it’s a challenging task but I’m determined to create such a thing,

Essentially ‘Personal trainer’ will see all peers heart rate or steps in real-time on the screen while streaming online classes.

So it has to be a dynamic object requesting to server API or websocket to read people data from their smart bands or other fitness devices.

I’m planning to use client vuejs and Firebase as a backend service.

I’m open to suggestions and help in this matter.

Kind regards
Szymon Klimek

Hey @simonMDXuni ,

Cool to hear about your final project! :slight_smile:

My best suggestion for you is to use the Zoom Client SDKs, which allow you to embed the Zoom meeting experience in your application, where you are displaying the heart rate.

Here is a similar approach: App Marketplace


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