Is it possible to access a zoom meeting's video data?

I’ve trained a computer vision ML model that lets users actively engage with a video stream. Is there an API endpoint, or perhaps an SDK feature, that would allow me to access the stream of video in a meeting? Only need the main presenter’s videostream for that user.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?
Looking for a specific endpoint if it’s available! Or a useful SDK. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’m new to the Zoom dev community and would love any other pointers people can throw my way. Thanks a ton and all the best.

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Hey @charlesopyle,

Checkout my post here about getting video streams:


Hi, did you have any luck with a custom streaming service?

Hey @malgorzata.schwab,

Did you have a specific question? Happy to help. :slight_smile:


Hello Tommy!!! Yes I’d love to get your perspective on what I am trying to do. Hope this message reaches you

The effort is related to COVID-19 mitigation project at the University of Colorado at Denver - I could be emailing from my edu account as well. We are working on an app to enhance virtual learning experience. Zoom is a market leader where it comes to facilitating video conferencing, so I was looking at your APIs to grab onto the video feed in real time, so we could apply some AI analytics to it. The dev forum mentions a possibility of integration with the custom streaming service - but I think it is just for the audio part, is it not? You mention in the forum that you do not yet have an API to grab the video stream in real time, but would it be possible through a partnership with Zoom perhaps? Do any apps in the Zoom marketplace already use such a feed?

Thank you so much!


Hey @malgorzata.schwab,

Appreciate you sharing your use case. :slight_smile:

You can get the audio and video stream in real time using a custom live streaming service, but the stream is not separated per participant. For example, Otter and Chorus do this.

Are you wanting to do this over Web technologies or Mobile / Desktop? We do have a partnership for getting access to raw video and audio feeds using our Mobile or Desktop SDKs.


Fantastic! I’d like tackle both web and mobile. A combined stream would be fine, we’d take it from there!

Could you please give me some pointers how to initiate the partnership, where to look for the sdk?

Where to find a zoom-suitable spec for the custom streaming service for us to implement? How did Chorus or Otter go about it?

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Thank you again


Hey @malgorzata.schwab,

You can use the streaming API which will work platform wide:

Let me know if you have additional questions! :slight_smile:


Thank you, I will dive into it!

How do we go about launching the partnership and putting an app on your marketplace?

… could you please point me at some code examples how to use this API? A reference implementation?

Hey @malgorzata.schwab,

Anyone can publish an app on the Zoom App Marketplace:

For code examples, you can scroll to the bottom of any endpoint page and see code examples:


Hi @tommy you said:
“We do have a partnership for getting access to raw video and audio feeds using our Mobile or Desktop SDKs .”

Do you mean a developer needs to establish a partnership with to get access to these features? I don’t seem to see them in the Windows native SDK I am using. If there is, can you point to such APIs in the native SDK pls?

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graffa dev

Hey @graffa,

Correct. For Windows SDK questions please post here: #desktop-sdk:windows


Hi Tommy,

I just came across this thread while looking at how to access the area controlling the outbound shared feed. For this access, is the Pro-license needed for Restful API calls, for access to SDK internals, both? I’m looking to set the shared content to a specific input via C# / C++ (am running the C# wrapper), and it seems the embedding approach could accommodate this? I have not heard back from ISV nor embedded sales, and I’m sure they are buried right now, so if you could verify for me the correct path to take I’d really appreciate it.

Thanks Tommy!

Hi @Jonaskinny,

Happy to jump in and clarify—To that end, not all of our API endpoints require a Pro license as a prerequisite, but many do, such as our Live Stream API. While you don’t need a Pro license to work with some of our API endpoints and develop with our SDKs, it would certainly offer you more flexibility.

I hope this helps to clarify,

Thanks Will. Here is my specific need, do I need a license? What classes can I use in the SDK to accomplish this? Thanks so much, I’ve been waiting a while to see what can be done here.

Hey @Jonaskinny,

If you’re looking to integrate our Windows SDK, you do not need a license to do so. However, the same restrictions that apply to your basic account will apply to your integration as well (group meetings limited to 40 mins duration, etc.). So, if you wish to have multiple hosts to start meetings or have group meetings over 40 minutes as part of your SDK integration, this is where you may want to consider purchasing an additional license.

In regards to your Windows SDK specific question, I will let that topic get answered in the Desktop SDK thread.


Thanks Will. We don’t need anything on the group hosts front, but thanks for that info!

We only want to force Zoom to share only what is originally shared, regardless of whether or not the sharing host subsequently shows other items on their screen. I’ll keep trying to get a response on the Desktop thread. It’s the same item that you addressed here, but for the Web SDK, we want to accomplish this via the Desktop SDK. I’ve contacted ISV sales, numerous posts on this forum, and still cant seem to get an answer to this one … is there someone in engineering I could ask?

Thanks very much Will!

Hi @tommy,

How does one go about partnering with Zoom for accessing the raw video and audio feeds?

Hey @Jonaskinny,

I just replied on your other thread. Please let me know if you have questions there!