Do not show taskbar when a message is received by guests


I have a custom app developed on windows WPF using Zoom SDK and I show custom sharing toolbar as a window(borderless) with no taskbar.  According to my app requirement I do not want to show any of my windows in the taskbar. I am able to achieve this for my windows using showintaskbar=false. 

Now the issue is from zoom SDK. When a new chat message is received from a guest to my host windows app a taskbar appears in the windows taskbar. I do not want any taskbar appearing from Zoom SDK when a new chat message is received.

Here is the issue in detail

The app icon appears in the Windows taskbar when the host receives a chat message, which is undesirable. It’s problematic because clicking the X in the taskbar Window thumbnail for the app causes a message to pop up (“End Meeting or Leave Meeting”) inviting the main host to assign another host for the meeting, which we definitely don’t want. Please see attached pic. The ideal outcome would be for the taskbar icon never to appear. If that’s not possible, an alternative solution would be for the app to close and the Zoom connections to be closed when the host clicks the X in the taskbar icon window thumbnail, rather than having the “End Meeting or Leave Meeting” dialogue pop up. 

Please suggest a solution or fix it in your Zoom SDK.