Do these features violate any terms or policies in implementing them in the Zoom App?

We plan to offer an event management app on Zoom Apps (App Marketplace). We are considering implementing the following features, but would like you to confirm that they do not violate Zoom’s terms of service:

  1. Survey function
    This feature displays a survey to guests, similar to Google Forms. The organizer can create survey items freely. The specific image is as follows:
    Cursor と Zoom apps提案資料 - Google スライド

  2. Schedule
    This feature allows guests to confirm which lecture will be held in the webinar.
    Cursor と Zoom apps提案資料 - Google スライド

  3. Content display
    This feature allows the organizer to create content in Mark Down format from our service management screen in advance and display it to guests via the Zoom Client. Cursor と Zoom apps提案資料 - Google スライド

  4. External link placement
    This is a function that allows external links to be placed within the app.
    Cursor と Zoom apps提案資料 - Google スライド

  5. Embedding iframes
    This feature embeds iframes provided by Google, such as Google Forms, YouCanBookMe, and YouTube.
    Cursor と Zoom apps提案資料 - Google スライド

  6. We are considering using the SDK to add text or images to the red part in the image below, but is this technically possible?Cursor と Zoom アプリで提供する予定の機能に問題がないか確認する – Zoom サポート

  7. Normally, people’s faces are displayed on the Zoom screen with black margins above, below, left and right. We think that it would be difficult to display something in those margins, but if there is any way to do so, please let us know.


Thank you for your question, at the moment none of the specific functions you mentioned on your list violate Zooms terms of service, please feel free to reach out with any further questions if they come up.

Regards, Kwaku

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