Please Check if there are any problems with the features I plan to offer in Zoom Apps

Features to be provided by Zoom Apps

  1. survey function
    This is a function to display a Google Form-like survey function to guests.
    The host can freely create survey items. 2.

  2. schedule
    This schedule is a function that allows guests to check which lectures will be held on the Webinar by date and time. 3.

  3. contents display
    This function allows the host to create contents in MarkDown format on our administration screen in advance, and display them to guests via Zoom Client.

  4. external link placement
    This function allows you to place external links on the App.

  5. iframe embedding
    Embedding iframes provided by Google. For example, Google Form, Youtube, etc.

  6. is it OK to switch the language of the content displayed in the Zoom App according to the user’s locale?

  7. is it possible to use the SDK to display the blank black area on the screen that displays the video in the Zoom Client?


Everything will work accept number 6 and 7

For Number 6 there are setting in Zoom for the users to make customizations to their language settings but from a Zoom Integration point there it won’t work.

For Number 7 No this is not possible,

Regards, Kwaku

Thank you so much for your replying.
It is very helpful.

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