Documentation issues

A couple of questions about your documentation pages:

  1. Can’t seem to find specific links to Webhook documentation. There is a page about using Webhooks but there aren’t any links I can find within that document that point to the events, payloads, etc. Basically I am looking for details on what events I can use and what they require.

  2. Why don’t the documentation pages scroll? The list of API’s does have a scroll bar I can use but once I choose an API, if the documentation of that API extends beyond the bottom of the page, I cannot get to it without Zooming to the point where it is illegible. I have tried 4 browsers across three different PC/laptops and for the life of me, cannot get page up or page down or arrow keys or select and rag to move to the bottom of the page. Is there something I am missing here? I haven’t seen this issue on any other website…


Hi @pete_h ,

Webhooks are actually Zoom API events in our documentation. See below:

Hmm and that is odd, because it definitely scrolls. The endpoints on the left scrolls when you hover your mouse over it and then scroll. Similarly, when you move your cursor to the middle where the doc info is and scroll it should move. Is this what you’ve been doing?


OK. Scroll issue first. Must be an issue with using RDP and my laptop. I just happen to be in my office, rather than working remotely, and it works fine. So, red herring there…but frustrating. I’ll dig more on why the laptop seems to not be working consistently.

As for the documentation, thanks for that pointer. Maybe some link from the page here: Zoom Developer Docs might make it clearer as to where to find event details on the site.

Again, your response is much appreciated.

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