Documentation regarding: meeting_token:read:admin:3rdpartyrecording


Was advised to go to this forum after the support queue had no answers. I’m reviewing integration requests and this app “Meeting Recaps, Transcripts, Recording from Read” lists meeting_token:read:admin:3rdpartyrecording as one of its permission scopes, but I cannot find any documentation regarding what that scope actually does/is.

Any help would be appreciated.

@Sumirko ,

That is a scope which allows specific partners (such as Read) to request recording of your meeting as a 3rd party.

In other words, you will allow access to this app “Meeting Recaps, Transcripts, Recording from Read” recording permissions during meeting.

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To clarify, is this permission only granted for the accounts under an Enterprise license who enable the app? Meaning, we’re not automatically granting that permission for our entire Enterprise account. The “admin” notation in the scope is what is giving me pause. This particular app (Read) does not require an admin user role.