Does float view work with custom UI?

I would like to create a floating video view after meeting is in progress and when some other condition is met. When I call switchFloatVideoToActiveSpeakerMode(), the result is ZoomSDKError_ServiceFailed. Is that because this does not work with custom UI? Is it possible to use this when I’m using a customized UI?

Thank you very much!

Which Client macOS SDK version?

Additional context
Here’s the code inside case ZoomSDKMeetingStatus_InMeeting for MeetingStatusMgr.

   let meetingService = ZoomSDK.shared()?.getMeetingService()
   let UIController = meetingService?.getMeetingUIController()
   let ret = UIController?.switchFloatVideoToActiveSpeakerMode()

Hi @m.zhang, thanks for the post.

This method is meant for use with the default Zoom UI only. In a custom UI, you can define the UI however you would like, so the SDK cannot account for the potential variances in all possible meeting UI implementations.


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