Does Phone API support Call Control?

I have a couple of questions regarding call control in the API.

  1. Does Phone API support call control?
    ( e.g. answer (if possible), hold/unhold, hangup, etc. )
    in the Phone API documentation, incall handling section is only settings requests.

  2. If phone API supports call control, what would you recommend we use for being able to integrate our
    desktop application ( .NET) with the Phone API

    Also, I’m conscious that if the recommended approach ends up involving Webhooks
    – then what is the recommended approach for implementing that for a Desktop .NET application?
    (as I believe that will require publicly addressable callback URL’s)

  3. If call control is not currently supported by the API, is there an ETA when it would be available?

Thanks for help

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I too am very keen to know the answers to these Q’s.

Thanks in advance.

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