Domain Validation Fails and Zoom support suggested to purchase additional support plans

Just to acquire OAuth credentials, we underwent a thorough process of extensive form submission by providing a design diagrams, an application snapshot, design overviews etc etc. However, we encountered a difficulty during the final step, where Zoom requires domain validation. The issue arose because our privacy policy URL, Terms of Use URL, and other related content do not reside under the same domain as our application URL, as we use Boomi for provisioning. (See the orange errors in the image below)

The description provided by Zoom shows how to address domain validation difficulties through the submission of a Developer Support Ticket. We followed the instructions and reached out for Zoom support. Unfortunately, their response suggested that we should purchase their additional support plans. As Zoom is discontinuing support for JWT, our sole objective is to obtain OAuth credentials. Please help us.


Thank you for reaching out in relation to Our Domain Validation process, the next steps will be sent to you via DM. Please refer to our domain validation resource: Domain Validation Explanation for any further questions you may have about the process.

Thank you.

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