Domain Validation for App Submission - Manual

Hello Zoom Developer Team, reaching out as need assistance with Manual Domain Validation. Please contact me to verify the necessary Privacy, Terms of Use, and Support URL’s,

Thank you,
Sanjeevi A.

Zoom team, checking back on this request for resolution (48 hours). Please advise. Thank you,
Sanjeevi A.

@catalina.diaz can you take care of this one


Thank you for reaching out in relation to Our Domain Validation process, the next steps will be sent to you via DM. Please refer to our domain validation resource: Domain Validation Explanation for any further questions you may have about the process.

Thank you.

@catalina.diaz can you please review updates sent, requesting manual validation please. Thank you.

@kwaku.nyante can you please review the request here, if Catalina is unavailable, is there anyone else that can validate today?

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