Domain validation for new OAuth app

As a part of TDD app review we are asked to provide Domain validation for Make app, client ID = THzkUCDWSKe0sRdyfZKnlQ
We are unable to proceed as requested due to internal technical limitation of using other domain address as deactivation URL - blocking us from verifying domain by preferred way.

Without this validation we are unable to submit app for review and potentially risking impact on our users if it limit connection creation anyhow.

Please i would like to ask Zoom review team to approach us with necessary details needed to know and to review our application for this purpose.

Before additional questions are raised, we are adding also required information (as by recent OAuth verification by Zoom team as well)

  1. App Name = Make
  2. Development Client ID = THzkUCDWSKe0sRdyfZKnlQ

If needed we can attach all required links once you come back to us.

Thanks for handling of this request


Thank you for reaching out regarding the Domain Validation process for your app. The next steps will be sent to you via DM (Direct Message). Please refer to our domain validation resource: Domain Validation Explanation for any further questions you may have about the process.

Thank you.