Downloading cloud recordings forbidden

I’m having issues when trying to download cloud recordings. Sometimes the download works okay, and sometimes I get errorCode 401 or 300 saying the download is forbidden.

I’m using the download_token from the recording.completed webhook payload and I’m passing it in the HTTP headers as described in the documentation. (I’ve also tried passing it in via the URL `?access_token=)

I’m using curl and PHP. I’ve also tried just using curl on the command line and I get the same results - some URLs download okay, others fail.

I have one specific example that fails every time, here is the data returned from Zoom:

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Hi @rmrkevin , what kind of app are you making requests with? I am going to private message you for additional details as well.

Hello @gianni.zoom , I just wanted to follow up and see if you received my email with the details you asked for? Thanks.

Just followed up with you @rmrkevin ! Sorry, I did not see your notifications.

Hi @gianni.zoom, I still need your help with this please. Can you keep this ticket open and put it back in your queue?

A little more info …
The cloud recordings download just fine with JWT tokens, but as you know JWT is being turned off next month. If you change the JWT token to a S2S OAuth token then you get the 401 Forbidden error.


Hi @rmrkevin ,

Ahh I see. Can you please confirm the following so we can rule everything out?

401 error when downloading recording with Server-to-Server OAuth token - #17 by gianni.zoom

Hi @gianni.zoom , thanks for picking up this thread again. I looked in my scope settings and it is checked but greyed-out. I’m attaching a screen shot.

Some additional info, I’m now getting a “300 Forbidden” error.


Thanks @rmrkevin , I need to do some testing on my end and sync internally with teammates. I’ll try to get back to you ASAP.

Hi @rmrkevin ,

I can reproduce. I just submitted a bug ticket as high priority (ZSEE-91225). I’ll share progress as it becomes available. Thanks!

Hi @gianni.zoom ,thanks so much! :+1:t2: