Duplicate webhooks received for recording completion

For our app, still unpublished, we subscribe to recording completion events as a webhook call.
The notification url is different for development and production.
However, we’re seeing multiple events, about 1-10 millisecond apart consistently for this event.
They arrive so close together it’s making it hard to manage them both.

For example, first received at 10:59:29.526
Second arrives 10:59:29.537

The endpoint makes sure to return a status, although I doubt it’s a retry so close apart.
This happens consistently all the time.
I’ve followed many other reports of this problem without any resolution.

Thank you

Hi @harel
Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to our community!
Are you getting duplicate events both in production and development?

Our app is not published so the duplicates are using the development configuration. The production urls were the same but after reading other reports we’ve changed them to be different but that did not resolve the issue.

Thanks for sharing more details with me.
I believe this is expected, as webhooks are account level you will be getting events in both endpoints production and development

But my development and production endpoints are not the same. They are different, and still I’m getting hit twice.

@elisa.zoom , I’ve tested again with completely different dev/prod urls (changed even more than before). I’ve also removed the app and re-added it to make sure it’s not using some older values.

I still get called twice at the same time.

Hi @harel
It is expected that you are getting the events both in dev and production environment
Do you mean you are getting the same event 2 times?

Yes, i’m getting events in the dev endpoint twice. The production endpoint points to a dead link - it is different than the dev one. Yet, i’m getting dev being hit twice. The same exact event, at nearly the same time which makes it very hard to prevent data duplication in this environment.

All right thanks for the clarification
I will send you a private message to look into this
@harel please follow up there

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