Received Duplicate Zoom Webhook Events When Removing Attendee

API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)

We are noticing that our logs show multiple webhook post calls that are referring to the same event. In fact we received 3 of the same events. Second one arrived 5 minutes after the first, and the third one arrived 20 minutes after the second one. I figured it was possibly an exponential backoff retry, but the endpoint always returned a 200 OK http response.

I confirmed that the dev/prod environment configurations do not share the same webook endpoint configuration.

Event Payload

    "payload": {
        "account_id": "KbpEtdj**************",
        "object": {
            "uuid": "Jb6IeTNSQM2bI4/uHTFWbg==",
            "participant": {
                "leave_time": "2023-01-12T00:20:05Z",
                "user_id": "REDACTED",
                "user_name": "REDACTED Notetaker",
                "registrant_id": "",
                "leave_reason": "left the meeting. Reason : Removed by host.",
                "email": "",
                "participant_uuid": "1THEbw9LTtSQ-d_-tSS0DQ"
            "id": "84286945660",
            "type": 2,
            "topic": "debug-transcriber-removed",
            "host_id": "REDACTED",
            "duration": 50,
            "start_time": "2023-01-12T00:18:35Z",
            "timezone": "America/Los_Angeles"
    "event_ts": 1673482807429,
    "event": "meeting.participant_left"

Thank you for reporting this on Zoom Developer Forum, @chris2 . We are grateful for you bringing this to our attention. We have received similar complaints from other developers and our engineering team is currently investigating the matter. I will keep you updated on any findings. In the meantime, could you please submit a support ticket and provide the ticket number here?

@chris2 ,

Our team has reviewed the logs and found that the webhook failed to send and activated the retry function. Three retry requests were sent, however no further webhooks for that event were attempted. To gain a better understanding of how unsuccessful notifications are handled, please refer to our Webhook support documentation :

It is important to call out that even if you are always returning 200 OK in your application, the EventConsumer may have received a delayed response due to a bad network.

Let me know if you have any questions about this.

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