Duration of Recording File

Is there a way to get the duration of the recording files?

I can get the list of recordings of a meeting instance with their start_time and end_time. But the elapsed time between them rarely reflects the duration of the downloaded file. I understand this may happen if there had been pauses during the recording. So, I can´t get the duration of a recording file relying on the starting and ending time.

Is there a way to get the duration of a recording file?

Which Endpoint/s?

JWT Token

Thanks in advance!

Hi @fpujol,

At this time, the start and end times returned in the response body for the recording would be the closest metric for calculating the duration. Though, as you mentioned, pauses during the recording can impact this.

It’s a great suggestion to have a dedicated field for this, however. If you’re so inclined, I might suggest submitting a feature request for this here: #feature-requests


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