Meeting recording / Incorrect files recording start/end date

Find the right start and end dates for recordings.

  • Request : /users/:userId/recordings

No errors

API Endpoint/s?

  • Request : /users/:userId/recordings

How To Reproduce
A long time ago (in March 2021) we noticed that the recording_start was not good. So to retrieve it we used the meeting duration and the recording_end which seemed to be good.

file.recording_start = file.recording_end - meeting.duration

But now, thanks to the time displaied in the meeting records, we realize that the recording_end is not good anymore, but that the recording_start is :exploding_head:

Would you have more information to give us please?

Additional context

EX :

# Meeting
    account_id: "xxx",
    duration: 54 # GOOD VALUE !
    id: "abcdef",
    recording_count: 1

# Recording file
     "id" : "55555",
   "meeting_id" : "Z",
# Reminder : MeetingDuration = 54min  
   "recording_end" : "2022-06-08T13:02:52Z",
   "recording_start" : "2022-06-08T11:59:38Z",
# RESULT : recording_end - recording_start = 1h 03min 34s 
# To conclude : Recording_end is false !!!
   "recording_type" : "shared_screen_with_speaker_view",
   "status" : "completed"

Hi @J4Y-M

Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and welcome back to our community!
What do you mean when you say the time is not good?
Have you taken into consideration that the time is displayed on UTC time?


Hi @elisa.zoom and thank you for your feedback.

There is a few minutes difference (9min difference) between the real end date, and the end date returned by the zoom api.

Corresponding to my previous post example :

  • API Start time = 11:59:38
  • API End time = 13:02:52
  • REAL Meeting start time : 11:59:38
  • REAL Meeting end time : ==> 12:53:38 <==


Do you have more information please?


Hi @J4Y-M ,

Are you recording for the entire duration of the meeting?

What API field is this? Meeting end time or recording? Can you please share the API endpoint(s) and any webhook API events you’re referencing?

Thank you,

Hey @J4Y-M
Sorry for the late reply and @gianni.zoom thanks for jumping in!

Jeremy, where are you getting the Real Meeting end time and start time.???

It looks like the API End time you are sharing, matches withe the Recording_end time

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