Easy way to create a meeting from a web page

I need to add a button in my web site (custom calendar view) to create a meeting with some data (start date, password, etc). This button should do one of the following:

  • Call the SDK to create programmatically a meeting and retrieve the join url to set it in our calendar view.
  • Or to open in a web view the meeting creation form with preloaded data and then retrieve the join url.

Additional context
The solution that it is feasible is to make a call with javascript to a REST API of our own back-end that acts as a proxy to make the call to “/users/{userId}/meetings” REST API of the Zoom API.

This solution has the following limitations:

  • Just 100 meetings can be created each day.
  • The creator of the meeting is always the same person.
  • It is a bit complex to develop.

Thanks in advanced.

Hey @isabel.garro,

You got it, you can use the Create Meeting API to accomplish this.