Edit settings via Registry Keys



We are attempting to deploy Zoom meetings 4.3 via App-V in a Citrix environment and are having issue with video quality. We have found that deselecting “Enable screen sharing with GPU acceleration” provides a more quality video experience for viewers. Because this setting isn’t available until after the login, we are unable to virtualize this setting and would like to try and do it via Registry.

Where would we find the keys to disable the GPU acceleration?

We would also like to prevent the “an update is available” notification from popping up - is there a registry key for this as well?





I was directed to this forum by Support…this is rather important as this is impacting our production environment.

Any help would be appreciated.


hi Daniel,

this thread is for zoom window sdk. anyway, i will send your question to our zoom client team

for disable auto upgrade , please download IT msi package https://zoom.us/download#client_4meeting  and click “Download for IT Admin”

the IT msi package is disable auto upgrade by default.




Hi Daniel,

I’d recommend reviewing the attachments to the following article:


That will outline the associated registry keys and/or allow you use use Group Policy to implement the configuration.