Zoom Web SDK Meeting Audio Quality Issue

Zoom Web SDK Seems doesn’t have any option for the audio quality management programatically,
SDK : Zoom Web SDK Component View

The audio quality of the zoom sdk is not so good, please provide option to manage the quality of the zoom sdk in component view, users are reporting for the poor audio quality with good internet connection and even on same connection other platforms are giving good audio quality

Which Web Meeting SDK version?

Troubleshooting Routes
Checked the documentation, there is no option provided to manage the audio quality

Sorry out off topic, may I ask a question? i’m using web meeting sdk 2.7.0 via component view, but i can’t open camera or see video host. this is what i got
did i miss something? Thanks before

Either turn off the hardware accelaration from the UI panel setting icon > Settings > Video
or turn off from the meeting settings to allow hardware accelaration

@symbol2.286 ,

Thank you for sharing your insight here! For other interested members, here is our help documentation which provides instructions for enabling/disabling hardware acceleration:

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