Electron InitSDK() return 14

Some windows PC always get 14(SDKERR_OTHER_SDK_INSTANCE_RUNNING: 14) error when call InitSDK() function. in fact pc never join or start any meeting with zoom app or my app before getting this error since PC power on.

Which version?

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Hi guan_bj,

Thanks for the post. Is the Zoom client app up and running in the background(even it is not in the meeting)? We used to have resource conflicts on Windows when you have both Zoom SDK and Zoom Client running on the same PC, but it has been fixed since v4.4.56616.1028. So the version you are using should have this problem. Could you provide the SDK log for us to further investigate?


I use zoom sdk version is: 4.6.15094.0218

which folder is the SDK log in windows electron

Hi guan_bj,

Thanks for the reply. I have consulted the engineering team regarding the issue you are facing, and the error code 14 in Electron means there are multiple instances running the SDK.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Hi Carson
Thanks your help. I got the root cause. User install another app which integrates Zoom SDK too. Once other app init electron sdk, my app will return this error code.
BTW, zoom sdk has a little issue, that once calling cleanSDK, app can’t call initSDK again. so each app can’t uninit by cleanSDK.

Thanks for sharing this, I will forward this to the engineering team for investigation.